Bracket Tag110/Tag210
Design: Giancarlo Alci

Bracket Tag110/Tag210

Possibility of installation Tag 110/210 on a post, height: 500 mm - 300 mm. - 160 mm., designed for wall or ceiling installation. Post made of extruded aluminium. Highly resistant to oxidization thanks to the zirconium based passivation process and the coating with UV-stabilised polyester resins. A4 stainless steel nuts and bolts. Complete with fastening kit and stainless steel cable.
Available configurations
Wall Ceiling
Available colors
White RAL 9010 Grey High Tech RAL 9006 Grey anthracite RAL 7021 Corten
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Bracket Tag110/Tag210
Color Code
Length 160 mm White RAL 9010 LB1150015
Grey High Tech RAL 9006 LB1150016
Grey anthracite RAL 7021 LB1150017
Corten LB1150018
Length 300 mm White RAL 9010 LB1150019
Grey High Tech RAL 9006 LB1150020
Grey anthracite RAL 7021 LB1150021
Corten LB1150022
Length 500 mm White RAL 9010 LB1150023
Grey High Tech RAL 9006 LB1150024
Grey anthracite RAL 7021 LB1150025
Corten LB1150026