Warehouse of raw materials and molds
Collaborative robot
Laser cut
Semi-finished warehouse
Technical office
Pipe cutting
Raw / printed warehouse
Vertical small parts warehouse
Finished vertical warehouse
Outdoor test
Finished warehouse
Every development springs from intuition, a dream, the ability to imagine that things can be different from the way we have always experienced them.

"Explore to
keep growing:
a path that has
always fascinated us"

The project is one of the most fascinating moments in everyone's life and its completion is something unique, the link between the imagination and the reality.

Inside LOMBARDO the design laboratory opens new paths. Innovation and design become part of the company DNA, both using internal resources and external contributions, to exploit positive contaminations. What brings this work into life is the intuition of the designers, who able to integrate light technologies in unusual shapes and materials, but always technically appropriate. Finally, there is a style, an intelligent and easy product one, whose value is perceived directly and almost instinctively by those who "meet" it.