Stile Next 506L

Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.
Body made of EN-AB44100 die-cast aluminium primary alloy; highly resistant to oxidization thanks to the zirconium-based passivation treatment and UV stabilized polyester resin coating.
Heat tempered and serigraphed glass diffuser.
Silicone gaskets.
A4 or AISI 316 L stainless steel nuts and bolts.
Patented model.
LED 4000K (N), 3000K (3) or 2700K (2). LED. Integral ballast 220-240V. No risk of photobiological damage, RG0 group (EN62471).
IP 66
Outdoor e waterproof
Direct power supply
Direct power supply
Years warranty on LED circuit
Years warranty on LED circuit
Serigraphed glass
Available colors
Black serigraphy Grey High Tech Serigraphy Corten serigraphy

Lighting simulations