CNC100 C2L
Design: Lombardo design department

CNC100 C2L

Suitable for installation on walls and ceilings and for outdoor use.Ideal for recessed ground application, also for drive-over use. Installation by means of a recess box supplied separately. Except for CNC 100 C, which does not require a recess box. Product designed for LED light sources for accent lighting and marking driveways and pathways. Body and retaining ring made of stainless steel AISI 316L. Heat polycarbonate diffuser. Silicone gaskets. 1.5 m. pre-wired cable type HO5RN-F, secured by means of a nickel-plated brass cable gland. A4 or AISI 316L stainless steel nuts and bolts. All the wiring is supplied with a special sheathing protecting the spot from seepage of water and damp.
No risk of photobiological damage, RG0 group (EN62471).
CNC 100 L / CNC 100 2L / CNC 100 UP
Snaps open and closed without screws.
LED 4000K (N), 3000K (3), or 2700K (2). Integral ballast 220-240V.
CNC 100 C L / CNC 100 C 2L
Version in constant current 700 mA. Only drivers type SELV or equivalent must be used.
LED 4000K (N), 3000K (3), or 2700K (2). Ballast not included.
CNC 100 C-UP
LED AC Direct.
LED 4000K (N), 3000K (3), or 2700K (2). LED AC Direct.
Available configurations
Wall recess Ceiling recess Ground recess
Available colors
Stainless steel electropolished White Grey High Tech Grey anthracite Corten
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CNC100 C2L
  • IP 68
  • IK 10 20J xx9
  • CE
  • Carrabile/Drive-over Max 2000 Kg
  • Temp. max  50°C
Version with Top retaining ring with two 110° openings. Max. temperature measured on the diffuser 50°C. Complete with fixing kit by means of anchor screws Ø8 mm.
Cable type H05RN-F 2x0,75.
Fasci di luce
CNC 2L / TOP 2L / CL 2X110°
Profilo CNC100 C2L
W LM REAL LM COL. DIFF. Semitrasp.
5 430 205 CL.III Stainless steel electropolished
3000K, lm -5%
2700K, lm -5%
Grey High Tech
Grey anthracite
700 mA - 6.20 V Corten