To produce a quality light fitting two aspects must be taken into consideration: the shape of the light fitting itself and the lighting effect created. The result is unique and purpose-designed: a blend of expertise and creativity. The Italian tradition represents the flagship of the sector and each of our products is made entirely in Italy.


The LOMBARDO and LINEA VENTI ranges combine creativity with practicality thanks to the passion of our designers and the expertise of our technicians. Original shapes and fascinating lighting effects have the added advantage of being simple to install and offer a wide choice of accessories.
Our company holds the ISO:9001 certification and all the production phases are carried out in-house allowing us to have total control of the results in the technical, research and development office, in production and in the in-house laboratory with the IMQ certificate. The prototypes and products are tested for duration, safety, IP and electromagnetic compatibility in the laboratory in compliance with the relevant regulations. Throughout the production cycle the parts are monitored by means of a certified serial number and traceability system. This system guarantees quality products made according to the strictest international standards.