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The LED step light PIN is the best solution to enrich every setting, both outdoor and indoor without any light dispersion. This small product is available in two different versions in order to adapt its light beam to every architectural environment. In the asymmetric version the lens directs the light to the ground in a well-defined and uniform beam whereas the diffused light model creates a soft effect able to highlight every walkway. Body made of EN – AB44100 die-cast aluminum, heat tempered and silk-screen printed glass diffuser and highly resistant to oxidization thanks to cataphoresis treatment.


A series of small street lights for garden or outdoor lighting available in 3 different sizes (150 mm, 400 mm, 700 mm), Tok effectively matches outdoor spaces and guarantees a greater safety when it comes to illuminate walkways, garden paths or the entire external perimeter of the house. Suitable for quick Ø60 standard pole installation, it also has a double light angle (360°, 180°) to satisfy every lighting project that wishes to combine aesthetics and functionality. The 150 mm version can also be installed on the wall with a fixing bracket. The high resistance to atmospheric agents and its PMMA diffuser complete a unique offer.


Suitable for ground installation, AGO makes unique and functional every environment in which the light is protagonist. The body, made of anodized aluminum, is available in three different finishes and coloured filters (Red, Green, Blue). The final effect is scenographic without causing flash blindness. This product is easy to install, already wired and with a highly resistance to oxidation thanks to the passivation treatment. A lens cap is also available for a higher protection and a more controlled light beam.


A series of small light fittings with considerable personality. Produced entirely from CNC machined billet stainless steel AISI3 16L, they convey a very clear message of sturdiness and reliability. Inside, modern Power LED diffuse the light that can be directed by optics or shaped by means of outer covers in different forms. In this way interesting effects can be achieved that designers can use to create attractively lit paths where accent lights not only perform a practical safety function, but become true protagonists of light design projects. The “Swing” downlight version can be combined with a post for accent lighting for gardens and flowerbeds. The range has been extended, CNC50 becomes fully functional, enhancing architectural features thanks to the introduction of new masks and glass that considerably increase its versatility, creating fascinating effects.



Ross has been designed to convey atmosphere and charm to any context. Produced in two different shapes, round and oval, it is available in five different colours. Featuring discrete, yet effective lighting, it is ideal for passageways such as corridors or stairs both in civil and industrial buildings. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications thanks to the high level IP66 degree of protection. Ross represents an extremely versatile solution, thanks to its many additional functions. In fact, it is possible to choose from versions with a dusk sensor, a motion sensor or an emergency function. The cover, which can be customised according to requirements, further extends the wide range of applications.


A mock recessed fitting featuring clean geometric lines. Koi is a steplight characterized by an asymmetric beam of light. The round, square or rectangular die-cast aluminium body is available in different chromatic finishes. A spectacular product that confers character and personality to every setting. Providing the perfect lighting for paths, it creates dynamicity thanks to the beam of light that is directed downwards resulting in a total absence of glare. The integrated power supply, the latest generation of LED plate and the ease of installation are details that ensure KOI is complete both technically and functionally.


A series of recessed fittings which discretely and elegantly adapt to suit many different settings. The use of standard junction boxes and an integrated power supply make the product simple and quick to install. Available in different finishes, the die-cast aluminium body makes FIX ideal for combinations of understated elegance where style blends with practicality; it is also suitable for outdoor installations. The design reveals the product’s final destination: directed downwards, the beam of light makes FIX perfect for use as a steplight on paths and stairs.



A sign defining a clear and essential language. Tag is able to highlight architectural features while also lighting larger areas to guarantee safety and a bold lighting effect. The geometric and robust light fitting holds the glass that fits flush with the body, giving the product linearity and a clean design. Everything is supported on a directable joint. Adaptable to any context, even for outdoor installation. As an accessory Tag has a ground post for use in the garden.




The absolute linearity of the design of ART encompasses a modern and functional project. The aesthetic style satisfies the needs of designers favouring simplicity and elegance who trust the straight, sharp lines of a light fitting that emits a clean and uniform light. The latest generation of LED plate, an IP66 protection rating and the possibility of choosing integrated finishing covers available in different colours, make ART an interior design accessory leader in light settings.

LINE 220

The LINE diffuser, satin appearance, becomes a natural extension of the supporting post. Maximizing the clean lines, LINE makes the post itself " become the light " and performs the task of furnishing and illuminating with a strong beam, directed as required by being able to choose between the standard direct lighting model and the Line Down and Line 220 versions with downlights.



Possible choice of serigrapher glass in 3 different colors: Black - HT Grey - Corten.



A combination of essential geometries which enhances the design of Square. A light fitting which, despite its small size, ensures an excellent lighting capacity: it is suitable for use in average sized indoor rooms, but by planning a suitable combination of lighting, several light fittings can be used in larger settings to create a fascinating lighting effect. The arrangement allowing the fitting to be kept at a slight distance from the ceiling confers greater elegance to the design.



Elettroexpo2016 - Marchiol



TREND TOP 110, ceiling application.

Exhibition Fiera Selectra Bolzano 2016




Форма “a campana” в мире светотехники - это то же самое, что пальто "Loden" в мире одежды: никогда не выходит из моды. Важно, чтобы при переосмыслении правильно отрегулировать технические характеристики и привнести элемент новизны. В случае Vintage не возникло желание отказаться от классической лампочки с цоколем E27, необходимой для сохранения первоначального внешнего вида, но она имеет новое светодиодное исполнение “green”! Кроме того, выбор материалов и цветов позволяет получить большое разнообразие: матовые цвета, которые приглушают яркий свет, а также двухцветное исполнение или специальные эффекты типа COR TEN, и кроме того, "резиновая" версия из деформируемого материала. Таким образом: разве можно говорить в данном случае о Vintage! Наоборот, речь идет о последней моде... VINTAGE

Lighting Project by LOMBARDO


Lighting Project by LOMBARDO in Iseo lake.



Простой дизайн этого светильника, излучающего чистый свет, подойдет для использования в архитектурном художественном оформлении, требующем ясного и четкого вида. Эффективность и качество сборки не принесены в жертву простоте дизайна, позволяющей Вам легко и быстро устанавливать и использовать светильник. Конструкция из прочного алюминия, покрытого устойчивым слоем эмали и закаленное стекло рассеивателя продлят срок службы изделия. TREND110



Простой дизайн этого светильника, излучающего чистый свет, подойдет для использования в архитектурном художественном оформлении, требующем ясного и четкого вида. Эффективность и качество сборки не принесены в жертву простоте дизайна, позволяющей Вам легко и быстро устанавливать и использовать светильник. Конструкция из прочного алюминия, покрытого устойчивым слоем эмали и закаленное стекло рассеивателя продлят срок службы изделия. TREND110



В некоторых случаях свет должен распространяться в помещении таким образом, чтобы источник света был максимально ненавязчивым. Эта серия точечных встраиваемых светильников буквально исчезает на подвесном потолке; проект предусматривает, что видимым остается только легкий ободок, все остальное - свет. Несмотря на свои компактные размеры серия DOWNLIGHT гарантирует интенсивное и однородное освещении, в том числе и для больших помещений. Широкий светорассеиватель свидетельствует о том, что светильник, оснащенный светодиодами COB последнего поколения, может обеспечить высокую светоотдачу в сочетании с низким потреблением энергии. Тщательная сборка, выполненная вручную на нашем предприятии, гарантирует идеальное качество отделки изделия. DOWNLIGHT



Kit-01 / kit-02 / kit-03 / kit-04: Опора из многоцелевого технополимера в комплекте с съемными крышками (должны быть удалены при монтаже светильников), а также все необходимые болты и гайки. Светильник предназначен как для наружнего, так и для внутреннего использования. Kit-05 / kit-06 / kit-07 / kit-08 / kit-09 / kit-10: Kit-11 / kit-12: Изделия доступны в разной цветовой гамме. Поставляется в комплекте фиксирующими шпильками и гайками. Корпус из литого под давлением первичного алюминия EN-AB44100. Светильник устойчив к внешнем воздействиям окружающей среде благодаря пассивированию цирконием и УФ покрытию полиэфирной смолой. Рассеиватель из закаленного стекла с шелкотрафаретной печатью. Силиконовые прокладки. Запатентованная модель. Винты из нержавеющей стали A4 или AISI316L Светодиод естественно белого света. Натурально белый (N) свет светодиодов или светодиоды с цветовой температурой 3000К (3). Интегрированный балласт 220-240 В. Отсутствует риск фотобиологических повреждений. RGO светильники не представляют фотобиологической опасности (стандарт EN 62471). KIT-STILE-NEXT-POST



Бренд LINEAVENTI решительно вступает в сектор “bollard” с этим проектом, который исходит из простой и функциональной модульности магистральных трубопроводов, несущих газ или нефть через моря и пустыни. Цемент-это тот материал, который создает ощущение прочности. PIPELINE

Trend 220 Special

Mostra Elettrotecnica Firenze


Lombardo will be exhibiting at the Mostra Elettronica Firenze from 24th to 28th March, an event organized by MEF. The event will take place at the prestigious headquarters Leopolda Station, a building converted in a multipurpose space after the second world war. This is the venue for exhibitions, cultural meetings and events related to the promotion of Fashion in Florence. Mostra Elettronica Firenze is today the only fair of this field in the center of Italy, dedicated to electrical plants, lighting and energy savings, safety and LED. Thanks to the great success of the first edition, this second edition will be bigger and full with new opportunities. Do not miss this event!

Tutorial QUID


A TUTORIAL VIDEO of the new series QUID now available! A multimedia document that through video, images and sounds will take you inside the world of QUID, showing all the technical and aesthetic features of this new series. TUTORIAL-QUID

Quid Online configurator


More over than 1000 combinations. Find the best one.

Legno Style, the beauty of wood is in goog hands


Cemento Style, 99+1% DESIGN


The Cemento Style products in the Lineaventi range originated in 2012 from a meeting between CRAFTSMANSHIP AND INDUSTRY. Today, 5 new models named MODULO join this range (designed by the VESPERINI / DELLA NOCE DESIGNERS Studio for Lombardo)

Cubo Marker, Highlighting your messages


The intriguing simplicity of the Clan design enables different solutions to be created with surprising and original lighting combinations. The project enables you to experiment with different dimensions and shapes to create ever-changing settings to suit your mood. Enjoy mixing and matching various sizes and shapes, choosing colours and finishes and noting how the different combinations reflect on the location with the lights on and off. Despite being small in size, the products in the Clan series can make a significant contribution towards decorating both internal and external locations.

Clamp, be part of it.



Welcome in Lombardo! Step inside the company through our virtual tour. VISION

The Story: Something “UNUSUAL”


In the last few days in LOMBARDO is building something "unusual."


10 and 11 October 2014 Lombardo will take part to the workshop organized by MEB, by the subsidiary in Trento, on the occasion of the celebrations of 25 years of presence of MEB group in Trentino. Come and discover all the news LOMBARDO.

Workshop Roma


On 3rd July 2014 Lombardo and Lineaventi will participate to the workshop “applied sustainability from the staircase of a building to the urban district” infoprogetto.it

Workshop Treviso


On 20th May LOMBARDO and LINEAVENTI will take place in a workshop dedicated to the building redevelopment. The event will be held in Treviso, at the Best Western Hotel, via Postumia Castellana no. 2. For further information: infoprogetto.it


Pintar amb la LLUM, Jordi Ribó


"If you pass by my Studio these days, you will notice the coloured lamps that have already become a part of me, they are called MISS by the company LOMBARDO, they are Italian and beautiful as you will see!!"

Luce per l'Arte


This project arose from a desire to bring the world of industry closer to the world of art, by creating an opportunity for visibility involving both contexts.

NEWS Cubo Led - Miss Rosa


New LED executions Cubo 300 and Cubo 500 (from 1800 lm to 3900 lm). Also 3h maintained emergency units. MISS, now available in PINK colour with 3mt white cable with plug.