Stile next

Design: Lombardo design department

Stile next zero 60Q

  • IK 10 20J xx9

Max temperature on the glass 60°C.

Specif. Col. Serigraphed glass
230 lm 3W
real output lm 38
led colour
  • N = (4000K)
  • 3 = (3000K, lm -5%)

Suitable for recessed flush ground application, also for outdoor use and drive-over, max load 2000 kgs. Body made of EN-AB44100 die-cast aluminium primary alloy; highly resistant to oxidization thanks to the zirconium-based passivation treatment and UV stabilized polyester resin coating. Heat tempered and serigraphed glass diffuser, 10 mm thickness, integral to the aluminium body with a double layer of high resistant resin. 3 metre pre-wired cable type H05RN-F, secured by means of a back resin preventing any access to the fixture. The fixture is fixed to the appropriate recessed box - supplied separately - by means of retaining springs. Nuts and bolts in A4 stainless steel or AISI 316L. Patented model. LED 4000K (N) or 3000K (3) LED. Integral ballast 220-240V. No risk of photobiological damage, RG0 group (EN62471)


Available configurations

  • Ground recess


Technical drawing