Design: Italo Belussi

Kit-26 Quid 110

  • IK 08 5J xx7

Kit consisting of the current codes LL105000N/3 + LB1050010 + LB1050001 + LB1050096 + LB123025 + 2 m cable type HO5RN-F.

Specif. Col. poliGLASS
965 lm 8W
led colour
  • N = 4000K
  • 3 = 3000K, lm -5%

Power unit with 220 - 240V driver included and the latest generation of Led Chip on Board. The styling and load bearing structure with features a high dissipation capacity, high power efficiency and high axial light intensity. Vintage optical unit with a specific internal design to improve the fitting’s light yield and reduce the direct glare of the LED source. Diffuser made of very thick, optical polycarbonate by means of injection moulding and subsequent manual finishing. PoliGLASS colouring with diamond mirror finish. Rear bases suitable for outdoor use. The base is made of very thick polycarbonate, injection moulded and subsequent manual finishing. Hanging kit for Quid 110 - 160 and Quid Vintage versions. Nickel-plated ceiling rose and cable gland, 2 mt cable included. Cover suitable for outdoor use and for wall and ceiling applications. New twist-on flush-fit mechanism (no screws) that enables these variations of the basic product to be handled as accessories. The cover is made of very thick optical polycarbonate, injection moulded and subsequent manual finishing. Kit not-assembled. LED 3000K. Integral ballast 220-240V. No risk of photobiological damage, RG0 (EN62471).


Available colors

  • White

Available configurations

  • Sospensione


Technical drawing