Design: Lombardo design department

Kit-05 Line 220 Post H500

  • IK 08 5J xx7

Kit consisting of the current codes LL113100N/3/2 + LB11112/G/E/K + LB1130006

Specif. Col. poliGLASS
1350 lm - 11W
real output lm 910
led colour
  • N = (4000K)
  • 3 = (3000K, lm -5%)
  • 2 = (2700K, lm -5%)

Kit-01 / Kit-02: Line - suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Integrated driver 220 - 240V. Body and cover made of die-cast aluminium primary alloy; highly resistant to oxidization thanks to the zirconium-based passivation treatment and UV stabilized polyester resin coating. Diffuser made of very thick optical polycarbonate, poliGLASS finish, injection moulded and subsequent manual finishing. Kit-03 / Kit-04: Line Down - Version with a light source directed downwards. Ideal for illuminating paths and walkways and in locations that require a reduced amount of glare. Kit-05 / Kit-06: Line 220 - Upper black polycarbonate cap, injection moulded in-house. Silicone gaskets IP66. A4 stainless steel nuts and bolts. Suitable for quick installation in standard posts Ø60 by means of stainless steel springs. Polycarbonate decorative cover, injection moulded, available in various colours and designs. Corten painted finish. Application of the cover without tools, by means of a special adhesive strip. 60 mm. diameter POST. Post made of Bayblend without base, h: 1500 mm - 500 mm. Retractable plate base: alternative solution to the usual burial or to the post base using a retractable fixing bracket. The post is inserted in the 3mm pre-drilled bracket made of hot-dip zinc-coated metal. Accessory not suitable for posts higher than 1500mm. LED 4000K (N), 3000K (3) or 2700K (2). LED. Integral ballast 220-240V. No risk of photobiological damage, RG0 group (EN62471).


Available colors

  • Black
  • Grey High Tech
  • Grey anthracite
  • Corten

Available configurations

  • Post 1 luminaire


Technical drawing