Design: Lombardo design department

Art 250

  • IK 10 20J xx9
Specif. Col. poliGLASS
2200 lm 20W
real output lm 1656
led colour
  • N = (4000K)
  • 3 = (3000K, lm -5%)
  • 2 = (2700K, lm -5%)

Also suitable for outdoor use. Integrated 220 - 240V ballast and latest generation Led modules. White polycarbonate base, injection moulded in-house. Very thick polycarbonate diffuser with triple UV stabilisation and PolyGLASS finish, injection moulded in-house. Silicone gaskets to maintain IP66 rating. Snaps open and closed without screws. Provision for safety screws. Securing kit included to maintain IP rating. LED 4000K (N), 3000K (3) or 2700K (2). LED. Integral ballast 220-240V. No risk of photobiological damage, RG0 group (EN62471).


Available configurations

  • Wall
  • Ceiling


Technical drawing