A company is a living creature with an instinct for self-preservation, but above all it has a fondness for growth, for developing its abilities and human, physical and intellectual capacities. This living creature has its own history, an evolution, that sometimes involves making important decisions and to tackle them it often has to use its imagination. This ability enables the company to look further afield, to new scenarios which exploit the experience and stability built up over the years in order to move towards spaces that can only be created with a keen imagination.
LOMBARDO imagined that its in-depth experience in the world of lighting could be applied to different fields compared with the traditional ones, that it could speak out to new customers and satisfy real requirements that had never before been dealt with by the company’s brand name.…


The creation of LINEAVENTI has followed a precise evolution, verifying, by means of an organized process of market research, the interest in and the feelings and attention towards new items, testing them on the field and satisfying a need which LOMBARDO realized it was able to answer in the ways and within the times requested by the market.


The design phase is one of the most fascinating moments in everyone’s life and its fulfillment is something unique, the link connecting imagination to reality.
Consequently, to give a precise form to this project, LOMBARDO has set up a new “integrated geography” with its brand names to underline the value of the wealth of experience on the side of LOMBARDO and consolidate the relationship that has been opened up with new targets, new markets and new needs on the side of LINEAVENTI As a result, the company has put its intuition into effect and thanks to its deep roots, it has been able to grow coherently towards new ambitious objectives.